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Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst



Todd Bender: Master Instructor for the NSSA & National Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame Inductee 



Miss Arizona 2019 Jacqueline Thomas


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Golf Clients:

“Beyond Sports Psychology, Mental Management is achieving mental consistency in an inconsistent sport.” –Ben Crane, PGA Tour Winner

“If you want to find the missing ingredient for the mental game of golf, see Lanny.” – Fred Funk, PGA Tour Player, AT&T Championship Winner 

“Lanny Bassham and the people at Mental Management Systems can give you the tools to perform at the peak of your physical skills. This is not “sports psychology” taught by someone who has never competed. This is performance enhancement training, taught by a competitor that won an Olympic Gold Medal and spent 10 years at the top of his sport. I have begun to use it in my teaching and my own competitive game, and I believe in it 100%.” – Cameron Doan, Preston Trail Golf Club, NTPGA 2003 Teacher of the Year 

“At the Performax Golf Academy we have produced winners on all golf tours including the PGA, LPGA, the Austral-Asian tour, the TightLies tour, and every Junior tour in the country. We believe in a holistic approach to improving our students. We teach our players the mental, technical, physical, and tactical approaches to improving their game. Our students have improved tremendously due the Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management System. This system is taught from people that have dominated their sport and has come from years of experience. In using this system our players have found that this system is effective in winning, as well as easy to learn and adapt to their sport. If you are not using the Mental Management System to improving your life and achieving your goals, I strongly recommend you purchase some of their products as well as attend a seminar to learn more.” —CJ Goecks, Performax Golf Academy, Lewisville, TX



Shooting Clients: 

“If you need help on your mental game, Lanny is the best! He knows what he is talking about and has the titles to prove it.” —Wendell Cherry, World Champion  Website click here

“Since winning his Olympic Gold Lanny has spent more than a quarter century researching and teaching elite performers in mental control. His Mental Management system is the most complete, effective and powerful program available to archers today on the mental game. I use it and recommend it.” – Frank Pearson, Champion Pro-Archer, Professional Coach – Website Click here

I was World Champion and world record holder in the 300 meter standard rifle event (1974) when I first heard about Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management course. I was anxious to repeat my win and increase my world record at the next World Shooting Championships to be held in Seoul, Korea in 1978. I was putting it all on the line. I had quit my job in aerospace to practice full-time and prepare for that event and then planned to stick it out for the 1980 Olympic Team tryouts. I was getting help from the Army Reserve International Team, but I needed insurance. That insurance (besides a fine backup rifle): the mental edge that would let my improving practice scores translate to a winning Championship score. Those principles of mental management, positive reinforcement, mental rehearsal, the mental program, visualization, positive expectations, these and other mental skills passed on to me by Lanny in 1977 … all gave me that strong “mental tool box”, empowering me to walk around all the other competitors in my event. That was in addition to improving my scores! The feeling of successfully defending my World Championship and increasing my world record that day in October of 1978 is hard to describe. Lanny, I cannot thank you enough! I find that these mental skills and techniques have not just benefited me in the shooting sports. I can see their power in all the sports I have observed, as well as in my daily life. In daily life, having positive expectations and positive ways to look at “temporary setbacks” (not failures) in your life, the importance of goal setting; in helping younger athletes look at their performances in a positive way thereby making it easier for them to progress to the next level, these are among the numerous carryovers from Lanny’s course. —David Kimes, World Champion + World Record Holder- 1974, 1978, Olympic Team, 1980 

I have no doubt that keeping my Performance Analysis helped me to finish in the top five at the World Championships in England this year. Also the time I spent with you in Dallas. Thanks Lanny. You are the MAN!” — Craig Hill

“I have been an avid and enthusiastic reader of your book for many a year now and have recommended it to several fellow archers for its message which is so relevant to those who wish to get somewhere in the sport.” – Ted Bradford, Editor in Chief of The Glade



Dog Sports Clients:

“I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for having been able to participate in that seminar a couple of years ago…if I hadn’t gone, I don’t think I would ever have been able to say that I valued the headspace I was in more than the win itself – being able to be consciously aware of the value of that kind of positive imprinting was amazing…being able to watch myself get in to that mental space and STAY there was a truly incredible experience that I can’t wait to experience again. The saying “train hard, compete easy” really hit home – I don’t think I’ve ever “competed easier” and yet somehow less conscious effort translated to high scores on the leaderboard.” — Daisy Peel 2006 AKC National Agility Championships 20″ Reserve National Champion 2006 AKC National Agility Championships 1st Place: ISC Standard, Round 2, and Round 3 – Website click here


Olympic Sport Clients:

“Everything I learned about the mental side I learned from him. In 1980 I was just a small time shooter and my score just stuck in that 1140 (range), it wouldnt go up. Every year my score had been going up by ten points, but for some reason it got stuck in the 1140s and it wouldn’t go up any more. So I thought there was something wrong with me or my methods. But after six months of working with Mr Lanny Bassham my score just jumped up to the 1160s. Everything that I learned, my skills didn’t change – my position didn’t change, nothing changed except what I thought. Before, 1140, I thought it was a high score. When I went to Mr Bassham. He told me about 1180s. He said, now its time to shoot 1180s, otherwise you wont be able to win at all. And he keeps on giving me positive images, and that’s when my scores just went up so high.” – Eun-chul Lee, Olympic Gold Medalist 50m Rifle, World Champion –Interview click here

“Lanny does an outstanding job of boiling down all the mental training mumbo jumbo to a form anyone can understand and benefit from. His book is easy to read and understand and I recommend it at all my seminars. If you need help on your mental game, Lanny is the best! He knows what he is talking about and has the titles to prove it.” — Jay Barrs Olympic Gold Medalist – Archery

If you want to hasten your journey to the winners circle With Winning in Mind is the book that will show you how to achieve mastery of the mind and the success you dream about. – Lyle Nelson, Eight-Time National Biathlon Champion, Four-Time Olympian

“Although many shooters will benefit greatly from Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management Program I can attest that athletes in any sport would be increasing their chances of winning by investing in a book, CD or to take part in a seminar by Lanny. I used Mental Management prior to becoming the first American male to qualify for the US Olympic team in the sport of table tennis in 1988 and then ran the program again in 1992 to make my second Olympic Team. As a coach of recreational players all the way to Paralympic Medalist I have used the easy to explain concepts to help my students play their optimum level when it counted most. Lanny, thanks again for all your work in the mental area of sport and I look forward to getting your next book.” — Sean O’Neill 5 x US Singles & Doubles Table Tennis Champion 1988 & 1992 US Table Tennis Olympian 2004 US Paralympic Table Tennis Head Coach

Business Clients:

“When Mental Management comes from the experience of a winner it carries tens times the punch as one who is only theorizing about it. Lanny’s work comes from experience, integrity and authority.” —Jim Janz, President of Janz and Associates, Chairman of Pacific Telecom