Turning Competitors Into Champions Since 1977

Master Level Coaches


Lanny Bassham 

is an Olympic Gold Medalist and creator of the Mental Management System. Since 1976 Lanny has been teaching Mental Management® to Olympians, business owners, Fortune 500 Corporations and the elite of sport and business community. His clients include the PGA players, Miss America finalists, Miss USA winners, World and Olympic champions, Fortune 500 companies, The United States Secret Service, The US Navy SEALS, The United States Army and Marine Corps Marksmanship Units, and Olympic Teams worldwide.




Troy Bassham

Senior Master Instructor and Director of Junior Development.  Troy is our primary instructor for high school and collegiate athletes.  He works with players ages 13 and up.  Troy has been teaching Mental Management since 1995 and has been working with competitive golfers since 2004.  His main focus is helping players develop mental consistency during play, perform under pressure, build self-image of a winner, and training principles that focus on developing the mind and body at the same time. Troy’s clients have won local, state and national events using Mental Management.  






Heather Bassham Sumlin

A Master Level Mental Management Instructor specializing in self-image training, goal setting, interview preparation as well as subjective graded competitive outlets for clients competing in a variety of sports and industries. Her clients have won world championships, national and state level competitions, received international awards and global recognition in their sport or industry. With over 15 years of experience, Heather supports her clients through her extensive knowledge of the Mental Management System with an upbeat, motivating, fun and encouraging manner, bringing out the best in each client!  





Brain Bassham

Brian Bassham, Director of Business Development, Sales and Education.  Brian has over 20 years of experience in sales and corporate management utilizing Mental Management concepts to achieve corporate and educational goals. He developed the "What the Winners Know" program, is a Master Level Instructor, and teaches Mental Management to top level Corporations, Educators, Business Professionals, and Athletes.