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Certified Instructors

Since 2013 we have offered the Certified Instructor Program which empowers instructors fully trained and accredited by Mental Management Systems to teach in their area of sport and expertise globally. 

For more information of being a Certified Instructor please email info@mentalmanagement.com for more information.


Our Certified Instructors: 


Steve Campana | Certified Level III | Golf, Athletics, Parenting 

Steve Campana is a Certified Public Accountant, a recognized Professional Billiards Instructors Association (PBIA) instructor and the author of the original pocket billard drill book Black Belt Billiards released in 2002. 

While Steve has been a life-long student of personal improvement and the positive impact a strong mental game and attitude can have on sporting endeavors, business and life it was a serendipitous encounter in the winter of 2021 that led Steve to discover Lanny Bassham and the Mental Management System while watching an interview featuring professional pool player Tony Robles who gave a shout out to the book With Winning In Mind. 

After devouring the book and introducing himself to Lanny Bassham to learn firsthand about the Mental Management System his passion for lifelong learning and helping others made it crystal clear that becoming a certified Mental Management Coach would allow him to positively impact the lives of others by sharing this passion and the Mental Management System long after his upcoming retirement from the practice of public accounting. 

Steve's aim is to coach mental management skills to athletic participants, students and parents in an environment that is fun, challenging, rewarding and in a manner that enriches the lives of all participants.  

Steven provides both virtual and in-person instruction in the Mental Management System, putting and the art of deliberate training and can be reached at campanaperformancecoaching.com or email at swcleadership@aol.com 

Tom Hinojosa | Certified Level III | Archery 

Tom Hinojosa is Founder, Head Instructor and Director of Operations for All American Archery, LLC and the associated Mental Performance Academy with a degree from Stanford University in Human Biology/Analysis of Human Movement-sports physiology and athletic development.  He has coached students to the USA Archery Team for the World Archery Youth Indoor Championships, Top 10 National Rankings, USA Archery Junior Dream Team and Regional Dream Team, State Champions, and has worked with international Olympic archers. He has been a USA Archery Level 4 NTS Archery Instructor for over 12 years working with thousands of students, from first-day beginners to the 2020 USA Olympic Trials. He has also been a volunteer coach for the annual Valor Games for wounded military personnel. Tom is the current Head Coach for the USA Archery West Regional Elite Development (RED)Team.

 With the Mental Management System™ and exceptional background and training, Tom offers his clients a comprehensive package of mental, physical, technical, and tactical aspects that support high performance. While the concepts and techniques he teaches are applicable to virtually all competitive fields, his primary focus is on elite competitive archers and intermediate-level competitors wanting to raise their performance to the elite level. These same concepts and techniques can also improve and accelerate learning of both cognitive and motor skills.  So, the lessons Tom teaches are also valuable to beginners and pre-competitive archery athletes and their coaches and parents.

 Tom provides both virtual and in-person instruction and can be reached at, tom@allamericanarchery.com in Littleton, Colorado.

 Steve Anderson | Certified Level III | Practical Pistol 

Steve Anderson is a USPSA Grand Master and teaches competition pistol shooting full time. He is the author of three books about competition pistol shooting and does a podcast, “That Shooting Show” which is heard daily all around the world. Steve got an appreciation for the Mental Game early in his competition career and now devotes himself to helping others avoid years of struggle as they learn to shoot and compete. As a Mental Management certified instructor, Steve has a unique ability to make a direct connection between Mental Management and all forms of handgun competition, particularly USPSA, IPSC, IDPA and Steel Challenge.

He can be reached via his website, AndersonShooting.com or by email at Steve@andersonshooting.com


Dr. Penny Veit-Hetletved | Certified Level III | Business, Rehabilitation, Education, Archery

Penny has her doctorate in Education Administration from the University of South Dakota.  She has spent close to three decades in the field of education where she often finds herself mentoring others and pushing a growth mindset culture.  Dr. Penny presently supervises three departments (Education, Staff Development and Training, and Core Correctional Practices) for the ND Department of Corrections  She is presently using the Mental Management System to improve the ND DOCR employee’s ability to increase rehabilitative practices of at risk learners along with leadership within the agency to build the ND DOCR bench. Today’s challenges require that leaders have higher levels of attention, process and self-image available only through the Mental Management Systems.  Dr. Penny has always gravitated toward at risk youth and is presently approved to offer the Mental Management System within the ND Education system for graduation credit at the ND Youth Correctional Center.

She coaches for North Central Elite Archers and Form First Archery to develop elite youth archers along with private training upon request. www.formfirstarchery.com  Penny has also recently began to coordinate efforts to train the Mental Management System to high school shooting sports.

Dr. Penny is excited to be able to bring the concepts of the Mental Management System to both her professional and sport(s) world.

Garren and Alethea Mullinax | Certified Level III | Parenting Champions

We have three children that are actively using Mental Management techniques through their interest in competitive golf and pageantry.  We saw the value of the Mental Management principles and, as parents, we began utilizing them in our home.  With our hands on experience, we are excited to be able train young competitors on techniques that will give them a mental edge and to help parents understand how to utilize the techniques in their home so that their competitors will have the encouragement needed to excel.   

Please visit our website for more information:  www.mastermindperformance.net   

Janelle Orsborn | Certified Level III | Pageantry & Fitness

 Janelle is an exercise physiologist, group fitness instructor, and sports rehab specialist in Denver, Colorado who is passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. She holds bachelors’ degrees in both exercise science and nutrition and numerous certifications in the realm of fitness. She first learned about the Mental Management system during her time competing in the Miss America Organization and credits her use of the system to her success in competition. Since becoming a certified coach, she has worked with numerous pageant competitors on their mental game in pageantry, specifically the health and fitness aspect of pageant competition. Janelle offers nutrition and lifestyle coaching via Skype, phone and email as well as mobile training programs for those looking to prepare for a pageant or just improve the quality of their life.

She is a Colorado native, oldest of 6 children and enjoys obstacle course racing, climbing mountains and watching people succeed in whatever they put their mind to do! Contact Janelle at janelleorsborn@yahoo.com. 

 Allen Chubb | Certified Level III | Olympic Shotgun

Allen Chubb is a current nationally ranked Olympic shotgun sports competitor with over 35 years of experience as also a competitions organizer and nationally accredited coach. He is the founder and President/Treasurer of Chubb International Shooting Sports & Keystone Shooting Park in Dalmatia, Pennsylvania. Allen designed and built Keystone Shooting Park as the World’s first fully automated Olympic shotgun sports range and enjoys training and coaching dedicated athletes that have dreams of World and Olympic titles. Allen is a former member of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit and has won many national and international titles throughout his career. Allen also designed and built the Olympic Trap range at the Ontelaunee Rod & Gun Club, near Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1989.

Upon achieving his certified instructor credentials with Mental Management Systems, Allen stated ” I am tremendously honored to be a “Charter Member” of Lanny’s certified instructor program and given my wide range of experience in the Olympic shotgun sports….I feel that coupled with Lanny’s proven mental management techniques that I will have a unique opportunity to make a real and positive difference in athletes life’s”. Keystone Shooting Park. 

 Craig Forney | Certified Level III | Golf

Craig Forney has been a member of the PGA of America since 1992.  In his over 20 years being a member of the PGA he has owned and operated several golf facilities in the Southeast United States.  Currently, Craig is based in Suwanee, Georgia, a northeastern suburb of Atlanta.  He is the golf instructor at The River Club, a private facility, in Suwanee, as well as the Director of Instruction for Square One for Children and The Square One Performance Center also in Suwanee

Square One For Children is a 501c3, Non-Profit Corporation.  The program teaches life skills learned through golf to introduce young people to the game and the opportunities it offers.  In the Spring of 2016, the Square One Performance Center will open with a 4400 square foot indoor facility that will offer area golfers the opportunity to work on all aspects of the game of golf.  Physical, Technical and Mental training will bring the North Atlanta area its first full performance facility.  Although the facility will be open to the public, it will also offer the Square One For Children Program a home where participants can grow their golf skill no matter the weather conditions.

In 2008, Craig along with his business partner, Bill Evans, created and completed The 50 in 50.  The 50 in 50 was a cancer awareness and fundraiser for breast, prostate and melanoma cancers.  Craig and Bill played 50 golf courses in 50 states in 50 days.  Along the way, they played with and met with cancer survivors, families of individuals lost to cancer and researchers looking for cures to these devastating diseases.

 Dimas Nunez | Certified Level III | Business

 Dimas Nunez is an attorney, a certified sporting clays instructor (NSCA and Paragon) and a business consultant with one of the largest Life Insurance Companies in the United States.  Dimas works closely with his company’s Elite Producers and those that wish to achieve the coveted Elite position within the company.  Dimas utilizes the techniques he has learned through the Mental Management Program to assist all levels of producers reach the pinnacle of their profession.When Dimas is not working with his business clients, you will find him either on the Sporting Clays course working with shooters of all levels, or on a tennis court instructing and/or coaching tennis players with their A games, or perhaps leading a cadre of hunters to the African bush in search of dangerous game. Dimas utilizes Mental Management techniques to assist all of his students in learning the proper development and balance of the three mental components that are so critical in building a fierce competitor.

Given Dimas’ many performance-enhancing opportunities, we asked him where he sees the greatest need for the principals of Mental Management. “Without a doubt, in my opinion, the greatest use of these very powerful techniques and principals is with those that affect the athlete on a daily basis. I can hardly wait to present these ideas and techniques to the parents of the athletes in order to facilitate an environment that nurtures and protects the self-image of the young athlete.” Indeed. When the athlete believes he can do it, he certainly improves his/her probability of success.  Check out his website at osksportingclays.com

Teah Anders | Certified Level III | Dog Sports

Teah is a Certified Mental Management Instructor (Level III) through Mental Management Systems.  She has presented more than 25 Mental Management Seminars around the country since 2013 focusing on Mental Management for dog sport handlers.  Many of Teah’s clients have been involved in Nose Work, Scent Work, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Musical Canine Freestyle, Conformation and more.  Teah holds certifications through NACSW as a Certified NW Instructor and through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, CPDT-KA.

For more information about Teah's coaching services visit her website at: 

Chuck Anders | Certified Level III | Business

Chuck Anders, founder, and president of Strategic Initiatives, has over twenty-five years experience helping individuals and organizations achieve their dreams. He is a Certified Mental Management Instructor and works with both athletes and business organizations. “I am so excited to bring the proven Mental Management techniques to business and organizations. These tools are as powerful in the Board Room as they are on the playing field.”

In 1996, Chuck founded Strategic Initiatives where he has worked extensively with public and private organizations, project teams, citizen advisory groups, and the general public to understand and resolve a wide range of contentious issues. He specializes in using interactive technology and other web-based tools to establish clear goals and enhance communications and understanding among groups and participants.

Chuck is a licensed professional engineer and lives on the Central Coast of California. Prior to founding Strategic Initiatives, he worked as a principal consultant with an international consulting firm, served as Assistant Director of the Arizona Department of Transportation and Director of the Arizona Division of Environmental Health Services (State EPA) among other positions.

David Neal | Certified Level II | Rodeo | Softball

Dave Neal is a qualified mental management coach who is passionate about helping others improve their mental game. Others tell you what you should do, but Dave teaches how to improve your skills, self-assurance, and strategies that work.  Do what others are not willing to do, start now and develop the mental toughness for success; it really makes a difference.

Dave lives in Twin Falls, Idaho and can be contacted at dave@visionbeyond.com


David Mosscrop | Certified Level II | Shotgun

 I am an International Trap Shooter, with both short- and long-term goals for my own development and training, as well as for my development as a high-performance international coach. I am committed to growing the sport—provincially, nationally, and internationally. I will continue to improve my personal performance and world ranking over the next four years while transitioning to an international coaching career.

I am the only full-time shooting athlete in Canada. Having been a member of Canada’s National Team since 2014, I have been internationally ranked since that time, and have been ranked as high as 71st in the world. I am the Canadian Open Champion in International Trap for 2017, the 2016 Closed Champion, and the 2015 Open Champion; I am the Manitoba International Trap Champion for 2017, and also for 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2011. In 2017, I received the Province of Manitoba’s Order of Sport Excellence Achievement Award.

I offer club-level coaching and invite others to join me while I am training, to help them learn to enjoy the sport. As part of my commitment to developing the shooting disciplines, I have twice served as President of the Winnipeg Trap and Skeet Club (WTSC)—arguably the premier facility in Canada for International Trap and Skeet shooting. In 2016, and in 2010, I served as chair/organizer of the Canadian National International Trap Championships held at WTSC.


Nancy Reyes | Certified Level II | Dog Sports

Nancy Reyes has been a professional dog trainer and behavior counselor for the past 25 years.  She began her training career showing her Chow Chows in conformation.  Over the years she found that she enjoyed training and competing in agility and rally. During this time she discovered another passion, working with shelter and rescue dogs.  For the past 20 years, Nancy has donated much of her time to working with various rescues in the Midwest.  This experience has honed her behavior training skills.  She has even rescued a dog or two or six.

In 2004 Nancy decided it was time to venture out on her own and opened For Your K9 Inc. Melrose Park, IL.  For Your K9 offers a wide variety of classes including Obedience, Agility, Rally-Obedience, Conformation and K9 Nose Work.  Nancy has trained many of her students to the Elite level and beyond. For Your K9 is committed to education at every level. Nancy’s training philosophy is focused on developing and strengthening the bond between people and their dogs.  She believes that good communication and mutual respect are key to the success of any relationship.  Her approach is based on her mentor and teacher, Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training.  Nancy is a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She is a Certified Nose Work Instructor through the National Association of K9 Scent Work™

She is excited to bring Mental Management Systems to the dog sports world and help dog enthusiast achieve their goals with their dogs. Nancy lives in Chicago with her husband, Gonzalo, and their 6 dogs which range from Miniature Pinscher’s to a German Shepherd and two cats.  She trains and competes her dogs in agility, rally and K9 nose work.  www.foryourk9.com


Jude Hooey | Certified Level II | Archery

Jude Hooey is a retired teacher from Lethbridge, AB, Canada, and is a certified NCCP Level III coach with Archery Canada.  Jude has been coaching archers from beginner level to International levels for over 20 years.  She coaches archers in the disciplines of target, field, and 3D.  In 2007, she and her late husband, Dennis, were inducted into the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame in the athlete category.  In 2015, Jude was awarded the Archery Alberta Coach of the Year honor.

She has been utilizing the Mental Management System in her own shooting career since she first purchased program.  A lifelong dream was to take a course with Mr. Bassham.  In May 2015, this became a reality when she took the Mental Management Course for Coaches.  This course only strengthened her desire to become a certified instructor of the Mental Management System.  Encouraging her athletes to utilize this very effective system is a priority.  She believes that, with dedication, every athlete will benefit from its use.

Check out Jude’s website at:   archeryexcellence.ca


Mel Nichols | Certified Level II | Archery

 Mel Nichols is from Glendale Az. and is a certified Level 5 w/NTS coach with USA Archery. Mel has been coaching all disciplines of archery for more than 16 years. Mel coaches beginning archers all the way to Olympic and Olympic hopeful archers. Mel received the United States Olympic Committee’s National Coach of the Year in Archery honors in both 2010 and 2012. Mel was a member of the coaching staff for Team USA Archery at the 2012 Olympics in London. Mel travels extensively, as part of the coaching staff for USA Archery, to many International competitions including World Cup events, World Championships, Pan Am Games and Pan Am Championships.

Mel is the head coach at Pineapple Archery Training Center where he incorporates the Mental Management System into his coaching every day. 

You can reach Mel at PinappleArchery.com


Shawn Humphries | Certified Level II | Golf

Shawn Humphries is President and CEO of On Par Companies.  On Par Productions a Dallas-based company specializing in client relationship management, producing tailored, executive golf programs for Fortune 500 corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses.  On Par Media produces Shawn Humphries.com, Begin Better Golf.com, Elite Golf Academy.com, video production, product development, and fulfillment for Shawn Humphries Golf Performance.

Humphries is Director and principal of Shawn Humphries Youth Golf Academy at the Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, Texas. A golf sports performance-training academy that specializes in developing youth golfers into world-class performers. His performance training has produced over 1,000 individual champions. 

Kevin Johnson | Certified Level II | Golf 

Kevin Johnson is currently a Senior Instructor for Hank Haney Golf and teaches at the Hank Haney Golf Academy at WestRidge in McKinney, Texas.  Kevin is in his second stint working for Hank Haney Golf, having started his career there from 2003-2006 when he served as Director of Junior Golf.   After spending four years in the same position for the D.A. Weibring Spring Creek Learning Center, he returned to Hank Haney Golf as Director of Junior Golf for two more years.  As Senior Instructor, he now focuses more on his individual lessons and also serves as site manager for the WestRidge Academy.

Since 2008, Kevin has served as the Dallas Local Tour Director for U.S. Kids Golf, running up to 25 tournaments a year for the junior golfers in North Texas.  The USKG Dallas Tour consists of 3 different seasonal tours: Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Kevin has also hosted the 2013 USKG Texas State Championship and helped run the USKG World Championship at Pinehurst Resort in Pinehurst, North Carolina in 2010.  For his hard work, Kevin was named the 2013 West Region Tour Director of the Year.

You can reach Kevin at: kjohnson@hankhaney.com

Marion Hiegel | Certified Level II I Business 

Marion Hiegel of St. Louis, MO, is a seven-year veteran of personally applying Olympic Champion Lanny Bassham’s Mental Management System to his sales career.  His clients today are athletes and business professionals. Marion’s company is Champions RAMP,  through which he imparts knowledge, wrangles zest, communicates process and shepherds clients based on 37 years of research, knowledge, and experience. Clients quickly learn a Process that can lead them to perform to the best of their ability when under pressure. His success was confirmed by the competitive youth trap team, of which he is a coach, as they recently won the National Championship in four events. Marion’s clients experience continued successes in Local,  State and National competitions; from Youth (AIM & SCTP) Trap Shooting to ATA Trap Shooting to Competitive Welding.


Tim Durkin – Certified Level II -Business


Tim Durkin is our certified level 2 instructor who specializes in bringing Mental Management Systems to individuals, teams and groups in business, healthcare, and government organizations.

Tim can show your organization how to use the Mental Management System to improve your employee’s ability to increase revenue, reduce costs or deal with difficult market challenges.

His client list includes many of today’s most well-known companies and healthcare centers including IBM, AT&T, General Electric, Ernst &Young, Ford and Duke Energy.  His healthcare client list includes Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, Texas Health Resources, Parkland Hospital and Baylor Scott and White and many others.  In addition to a Fortune 100 client list, Tim has worked with many small to medium size companies from startups thru liquidity events.

If you are serious and not merely sincere about becoming a next level performer or organization, Tim can help at timdurkin.com.

 Lisa Borgerson | Certified Level II | Pistol

Lisa Borgerson is our first Canadian Mental Management Systems Certified Instructor. Lisa first began her shooting career as a pistol athlete and member of the Shooting Federation of Canada and International Shooting Sport Federation, achieving National Team status.  Lisa put her own shooting career on hold to devote her time and energy to coaching.  Lisa coaches at the grassroots level through to elite athletes – regionally, provincially and nationally.  Lisa continues her training as a High Performance Coach, and is currently enrolled in the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program for her Advanced Coaching Diploma … with aspirations of being an Olympic coach.

Lisa has been Team Leader/Head Coach for the Canadian Junior and Canadian University Shooting Teams as well as senior athletes, traveling to international events.

Lisa presently resides in Southern Saskatchewan. Check our her web site at  lisaborgerson.com

 Todd Bender | Certified Level II | Skeet 

Todd Bender was named the first Master Instructor for the National Skeet Shooting Association, has been trained by the UK’s Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) and is an Honorary Fellow in England’s Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors. His teaching methods have taken him around the world and created a number of like world champions. Todd is recognized as the leading authority in shooting instruction. For 20 years, his series of best-selling DVDs have set the standard for instructional shooting videos within the industry. 
“I am so proud to be a part of Mental Management Systems, thank you for the opportunity, for your generosity, and always your friendship.”  –Todd Bender – Bender Shima Shooting Clinics

 Kris Hurley | Certified Level II | Dog Sports

Kris Hurley is a nationally recognized canine freestyle competitor and instructor who has been involved in dog sports since 1992.    She has enjoyed presenting the sport of canine freestyle across the nation through public performances and seminars.  Kris and her dogs have earned over 85 freestyle titles along with numerous high technical awards, high artistic awards, class placements, and other special awards.   In addition, Kris has helped coach many teams at all levels of freestyle and has helped to choreograph winning routines for many teams new to the sport of freestyle.   Kris is also a judge for TDAA, and she and Shelby completed their TACH (Teacup Agility Championship) and were finalists in the TDAA Petit Prix in 2013. 

She is excited to be able to bring the concepts of Mental Management to both the dog sport and pole dance/aerial arts communities.    Although they are entirely different sports, the concepts of Mental Management are applicable to both. www.freestyledogs.com