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With Winning In Mind

With Winning In Mind

“With Winning in Mind” is the foundational book in the Mental Management Training System focusing on the ability to control your mind under pressure for sports, performance, business environments and overall personal growth!

Why do you need it?
No matter your level of proficiency, there is a mental aspect to your sport or business environment that is crucial to success, but very difficult to master.  With Winning in Mind is a strategy book, meant to be read and re-read, to help you reach your goals.
Who can benefit from it?
  • Athletes of all levels in all sports
  • Coaches of all level in all sports or performance areas
  • Business trainers and sales professionals
  • Parents of competitive youth
  • Anyone interested in increasing performance while reducing stress
  1. The most powerful mental tools used by Olympic winners & elite performers
  2. The secrets of mastering the pressure of big competitions
  3. The three mental processes that control a winning performance
  4. Why 95% of all winning is accomplished by only 5% of the participants
  5. How to turn your deficiencies into strengths

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