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Fore The Mind – The Mental Program for Golf


Fore The Mind – The Mental Program for Golf

Lessons from an unknown mentor transform a competitive player’s mental approach to golf. Struggling on tour Kevin needs to gain consistency. Written lessons start to appear in his golf bag that transform his game from inconsistent to reliable. Troy Bassham uses this short, unique and compelling story to grab the attention of the reader while outlining the Mental Management Mental Program for competitive golf.

“There are many books available telling you WHAT to think about prior to hitting a golf shot but few will tell you HOW to do it. This one does.”
–Fred Funk

“When I met Troy, I was a journeyman PGA Tour pro jumping from fix to fix. Troy gave me the mind to stay on tour 20 years and counting!”
–Jerry Kelly

“Troy does a magnificent job of explaining the Mental Management System. So easy for all of us to relate to poor golf performance and then discovering there is truly a better system for playing this great game. Loved every page and I’m sure you will too.”
–Dana Rader, President of LPGA, Top 50 Teacher in America

“The Mental Program by Troy Bassham unlocks the keys to performance that we all need. Its a great read and worth every ounce of energy you invest. I give it my highest recommendation.”
–James Sieckmann, Top Short Game Instructor to PGA Tour Pros