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More Olympic Gold Medals, more World Championships, more National Titles, more competitions have been won by shooters using the Mental Management System than by any other mental system available to the shooting athlete.  Let us help you reach your goals.

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“When I need to sharpen my mental skills there is only one man on the planet that I go to, Mr. Lanny Bassham. I am certain that if you follow the plan laid out before you in these lessons to follow that your game and your daily life will reach new heights, as has mine.
– Todd Bender, World Skeet Champion

“I really don’t think I could have won the US Open and two World Champion team titles this year without…Mental Management Training.”
-Wendell Cherry, World Champion Sporting Clays Shooter

“Lanny does an outstanding job of boiling down all the mental training mumbo jumbo to a form anyone can understand and benefit from. His book is easy to read and understand and I recommend it at all my seminars”.
– Jay Barrs Olympic Gold Medalist, Archery

“Lanny has the only mental program for shooters that I know of and his program has helped me greatly with the part of our game most shooters lack the necessary skills in – “Mental Management”
– Evil Roy (Gene Pearcey) Cowboy Action Shooting World Champion

“Before, I thought 1140 was a high score until I went to Mr Bassham. He told me about 1180s. He said, now its time to shoot 1180s, otherwise you won’t be able to win at all. And he keeps on giving me positive images, and thats when my scores just went up so high.”
-Eun-chul Lee, Olympic Gold Medalist 50m Rifle, World Champion – South Korea