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shila“Mental Management has changed my life, I used to get so nervous before competing, but I now channel my nervous energy and butterfly stomach and use it as fuel for my competition.”

– Shilah Phillips, Miss Texas 2006 and First Runner Up to Miss America 2007.

Confidence and Self-Image plays a huge role in being able to perform at your best when the judges are in control of your score. You have to have the ability to succeed but you also have to be able to stand out as the “winner” to those who hold your fate in their hands.

Mental Management is a great way to learn how to use pressure to your advantage, build self-image, focus on your strengths, get your goals and gain the confidence needed to live up to your potential. Our One on One programs are designed for you and cater to your individual needs and goals. Our training is applicable to anyone who competes in a subjective grading situation. We have worked with gymnasts, figure skaters, canine freestyle competitors, stage performers and pageant competitors.

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