Turning Competitors Into Champions
Winning Golf


Winning Golf

This is our most advanced and in-depth product for competitive golfers.


  • How to Improve your Mental Consistency on the Course
  • The Tournament Mental Management System Players Use in Competitions
  • How to Use Mental Management Before, During and After a Shot, Hole, Day, Tournament, etc.
  • Over-Trying and How to Avoid It
  • How to Evaluate Your Play Effectively
  • Quiet Eye Phenomenon
  • Mental Program for Golf
  • How to Be Decisive in Your Thinking
  • How to Use Pressure to Your Advantage
  • The Zone Phenomenon
  • How to Deal with Distractions Appropriately
  • How to Make your Mental Game a Constant in a Game of Variables
  • Much, Much More!

An audio download version is available on the downloads site (mmdownloads.com)