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Mental Mastery for Shotgun with Lanny Bassham - 3 Part Webinar Series


Mental Mastery for Shotgun with Lanny Bassham - 3 Part Webinar Series

This training, including all three sessions, will take place on August 2, 9, and 16 - 11am -12:30pm central time each week.

Session 1 - August 2nd - Identifying What You Need to Do to Have Mental Mastery.
  • Think the Way the Top 5% (that do 95% of the winning) Think.
  • Identify All the Essential Elements of a Consistent Mental Game.
  • Gain an Understanding of How Performance is Generated.
  • Learn the Principles of Mental Management and How They Apply to Shotgun

(With a sound foundation, you can move forward in developing an effective mental system you can rely on when it matters!)

Session 2 - August 9th - 
How To Build an Effective Mental System for Shotgun Sports
  • Learn The Three Steps to Consistency
  • Learn the Three Phases of a Task.
  • Determine the Best Things to Think About Before, During, and After a Shot, Stage, Competition Day, or Event.
  • Understand the Differences in a Mental System for Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays.

(By developing a stable Mental Management System you can rely on, you will have more consistency in any pressure situation! The key to winning is CONSISTENCY)

Stage 3 - August 16th - Learn to Overcome the Obstacles That Cost Shooters Championships
  • How to Use Pressure to Your Advantage
  • Learn the Secret to Become Fearless in Competitions
  • How to Beat Over-trying and Over-Thinking
  • What to Do When Score Cost You Points
  • Dealing with Negative People and Situations

(To truly implement the Mental Management System, you must learn to eliminate the obstacles that often keep you from winning)