Personalized Training

Take a Course Designed for You.

Individual and small group mental training classes are a great way to get personalized instruction and help you implement the Mental Management System. Our goal is to custom design your seminar experience and to help you achieve your goals rapidly. We do our very best to help you implement Mental Management to your sport. Take an individual course taught by a World Champion. What you gain in an Individual Application course is:

  • Information: We go over the system in detail to make certain you understand the information Lanny has worked over 30 years to develop.
  • Application: We help you apply the information to your individual needs with your individual sport.
  • Confirmation: We confirm that you are using our system correctly before you leave. We make certain that you have the mental tools you need to succeed.
  • Consultation: We offer consultation by phone and email for our Individual Application clients. If you have a question about a tournament coming up or need some extra help leading up to a tournament we offer the consultation you need to make sure you are staying on track.

Please call for costs and available dates – 972-899-9640.

Our most popular individual training course is our 2 day intensive program.  We cover the following information and customize the training to fit the needs of the participant:

Triad State Analysis
Principles of Mental Management
Mental Management Model
Performance under Pressure
Preload, Mental Program and Reload
Preparing for Competition
Performance Analysis
How Self-Image Changes
3 Phases of Performance
Goal Getting
Mastering Self Image Change
Directive Affirmations
Four Phases of the Year
On-Course Application (depending on the sport)

Our 2 day program includes consultation after the session for 60 days after the training.