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Mental Mastery For Archery Webinar Series 6 Parts - Fridays in April & May

Mental Mastery For Archery Webinar Series 6 Parts - Fridays in April & May

Master Level Instructor Troy Bassham is the primary instructor for this series and he is assisted by Master Level Instructor Heather Sumlin. This is a great way to improve the mental side of Archery from the comfort of your own home.  (all webinars will be recorded for those who cannot attend live)  Training takes place Fridays 11am-12:30pm central time.

What you will learn:

April 7th - Foundations

  • Gain a Complete Understanding of How to Performance is Generated
  • Proven Mental Management Principles
  • Why and How to be Balanced to Reach Your Potential

(with a solid foundation you can move forward in developing a solid mental system you can rely on when it matters!)

April 14th - The System

  • How to Build a Solid Mental System
  • How to Create Mental Consistency
  • Why a Trusted Mental Program is Vital to Success

(By developing a solid Mental Management System you can rely on you will have more consistency in any pressure situation! The key to winning is CONSISTENCY)

April 21st - Training to Win

  • How to Train the Mind and Body at the Same Time
  • Training Guidelines and Principles to Maximize Skill
  • How to Peak at the Right Time

(By training the mind and body at the same time you stay balanced and when you are balanced good performance seems easy!)

May 5th - Mastering Self-Image Change

  • How to Change a Habit in 21 Days
  • Self-Image Principles to Building a Better You
  • How to not only Build Self-Image but Protect It

(In order to become a champion you must first have the habits and attitudes of a champion. If you seek success in sport or performance you have to know how and why to build the Self-Image of a Champion)

May 12th - Performance Under Pressure

  • How to Use Pressure to Your Advantage
  • The Truth About Pressure
  • Not Only WHAT To Do but WHY and HOW to Manage Pressure

(In order to truly implement the Mental Management System you must learn to use pressure to your advantage so you can perform in balance.)

May 19th - Obstacles to Winning

  • How to Avoid the 8 main reasons people don’t win
  • How to Find the Right Coach
  • Ways to get better on your way to your goals

(By understanding how obstacles can actually be opportunities is vital to growth. Knowing what obstacles could be standing in your way of success and how to overcome those is powerful.)

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