Turning Competitors Into Champions
Winning Sporting Clays – It’s All in Your Mind


Winning Sporting Clays – It’s All in Your Mind

This is our most advanced product for competitive sporting clays shooters.  Through this audio program, Lanny Bassham walks you step by step through how you can apply Mental Management to your Sporting Clays shooting today.  Learn how to control pressure, run a mental program for sporting clays, improve your consistency and build the Self-Image of a champion.


  • How Shooters Develop Consistent Mental Performances.
  • How to Significantly Reduce the Mental Errors,  Resulting in More Targets Hit and Greater Enjoyment
  • How to Control Pressure
  • How to Build Self-Image
  • How to Train the Mind at the Same Time You are Training the Gun-Body System.
  • How to Run a Mental Program for Sporting Clays
  • How to Improve Your Consistency in Competition

A download version is also available on our downloads site.  (mmdownloads.com)