Turning Competitors Into Champions
Training to Win with Mental Management


Training to Win with Mental Management

Learn exactly how Todd trains his mind to prepare for competition in CD one then Todd explains exactly what he is doing in competition in the second CD.

Bassham asks Bender some of the tough questions every skeet shooter would like to know about the mental game then comments on the topics discussed as only Lanny can. Here is a chance to hear two shooting champions who have the greatest respect for each other discuss the mental game at the highest levels.

We are not saying everyone should do what Todd does as the mental game can be an individual thing and shooters have different goals but we are certain that whether you are a beginner or veteran these two hours will be very interesting and profitable for you.

It is helpful if you have reviewed "With Winning in Mind" and "What Every Skeet Shooter Should Know About the Mental Game" prior to listening to this product.

An audio download version is available on our download site (mmdownloads.com)