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“When Mental Management comes from the experience of a winner it carries ten times the punch as one who is only theorizing about it. Lanny’s work comes from experience, integrity and authority.”

– Jim Janz, President of Janz and Associates, Chairman of Pacific Telecom

What percentage of your success in business is related to your mental control under pressure? Sales is a competition and is every bit as much a sport as golf or tennis. Mental Management can aid you in getting your goals. It is never too early (or too late) to implement Mental Management into your training and see the results!

Our small group seminars are also applicable to business, Goal Getting, Perform Under Pressure and Mastering Self-Image Change courses can help a business professional get the competitive edge.

Keynote Speeches include:

Freedom Flight – The Origins of Mental Power – a powerful 45 min to 1 hour message on controlling your mind no matter your environment.  How to keep your mind focused on what is important and letting the unimportant go.  This story is based on a true event where Lanny met someone who changed his life and direction forever.  This story is also available in book or audio cd, we offer bulk discounts to companies who hire Lanny to speak.

When Silver is Not Enough – a 20 minute to 1 hour talk based on Lanny’s personal story of the boy who couldn’t make the team and picked last in every sport to Olympic Champion.  Throughout the story of his life Lanny tells several principles of success that can be applied to any business situation.

Mental Management Training Topics:

Mental Management for Business – multi day training, this course would be custom designed for the company depending on the audience, needs of the employer and hours available to teach.

Goal Getting – 3 hour course explaining the Mental Management Goal Setting system and discussion of how to obtain goals once they are set.

Mastering Self-Image Change – 3 hour course explaining why the self-image needs to grow in order to reach your true potential.  How self-image grows and learn techniques to help with growing self-image for business.

Perform Under Pressure – 3 hour course teaching attendees how to handle pressure and use it to your advantage.  We all have pressure in business especially when the economy is down if we understand what pressure really is and how to perform well under stress we can succeed.


“On behalf of Franklin American, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for your wonderful presentation at our National Sales Meeting in DallasTexas.  The attendees truly enjoyed their time with you.  It has been a while since we have received such positive feedback regarding a presenter.  We truly appreciate the knowledge and experience you shared.”  Sherri, Franklin American Mortgage


Olympic Champion, Lanny Bassham offers training options from powerful keynote speeches to multiday Mental Management training for corporations, sales teams, executive staff,conventions and more.  Request a free promotional DVD or inquire about details of having Lanny Bassham train your staff by calling our office or  972-899-9640 or 800-879-5079