Training the Junior or Collegiate Player

troy(1)Personalized Training with Master Instructor Troy Bassham

2 Day:  Full immersion program into Mental Management.  This program provides thenecessary building blocks to building a mental system in all areas of competition.  Students will learn how to manage their mind in the different phases of competition.  Topics include:  Introduction to Mental Management, Triad State Analysis, Pre-load, Mental Program, Principles of Mental Management, Three Phases of a Task, Evaluation, Performance Under Pressure, Training Principles, Recovery Strategies, and Self Image Building.  This program also includes on course application and 60 days of phone consultation.    $3000

There is a discount for those attending during standard business hours.

Six Month Program: Covers all of the topics in the two day program, but is stretched out over six months. Students will learn the mental management system and how it applies to their needs with two sessions during each month.  This is an ongoing approach that is designed to help the individual develop their own mental system that provides mental consistency.    $3100

Hourly Consultation Program – One on one program focusing on helping the individual develop a strong mental system and help them apply this system to their golf game.  Minimum 2 hours.

$175 per hour for 1-7 hours
$150 per hour for 8-15 hours
$125 per hour for 16 plus hours

Group Seminars  – Customized to fit your needs.  Email inquires to

Group Speaking topics:

Performance Under Pressure
Strategies to Control Pressure
Recovery Strategies
Running a Mental Program
Increase Focus
Triad State Analysis
Building your Self Image
Training to Win
Progress Training Program

For additional information or to register for your training call 972-899-9640.