Phone Consultation

Have you ever had a question about your mental game or just needed clarification on something you heard in one of our Mental Management seminars, audio CDs or books?

We offer phone consultations at reasonable rates for clients for personal performance enhancement in pre-preparation for competition. Schedule one-on-one time with one of our Master Level Instructors and they can help you sort through any mental management issue you may have. They are there to answer your questions or to just keep you motivated on your journey to success. These types of consultations are available over the phone and on Skype. To access our Instructors just call our office and we will schedule a time with the right person at a time that is convenient for you.
Questions about what we do, what a product does, which products are right for you, and questions about seminar topics, pricing and dates are always answered at no charge. We encourage you to call and introduce yourself and chat with us if you ever have these types of questions!  If your question requires consultation from a Master Level Instructor, please call our office at 972-899-9640.