Become a Certified Instructor of Mental Management

Mental Management Systems Licensing Program

2016CertifiedInstructor-BlkOur licensed instructors are fully trained and accredited by Mental Management Systems to teach our Level I and Level II courses. If you are interested in becoming licensed please contact us (972-899-9640) so we can see if our program is a fit for you. Here is an overview of the program.

  • What Mental Management Systems does
    • We teach you the necessary background material, principles, and concepts that fall within the scope of the course that you will be licensed to teach.
    • We train and license you to teach the Level 1 & Level 2 courses.
    • We promote you on our site and recognize you as MMS Licensed Instructors.
    • We create materials needed for your courses.
    • We provide initial training and ongoing consultation via phone, webinar, forum or email.
    • We pay 25% affiliate fee on all orders generated from links to our store from your site.
    • We pay you 10% fee for every verifiable client referral to seminars presented by MMS staff.
  • What the Licensed Instructor does
    • You find the students, provide the location and teach the courses.
    • You set your tuition and consultation rate.
    • You purchase and then provide a student pack to each student.
    • You can purchase products in case quantities from MMS for 30% off of retail.
    • You agree to use only approved presentation material.
    • You are independent contractors and are not employees of Mental Management Systems LLC.
  • Requirements and Fees:
    • You must have attended the Mental Management Coaches Course before attending the Licensed Course.
    • You must be sponsored by no less than two MMS Licensed Instructors or approved by Lanny Bassham.
    • You must successfully complete the Licensed Training. Tuition for the 2-day class is $5500. Tuition will increase in 2017.
    • If you desire for MMS to advertise your courses on our website or newsletter, you must submit 10% of the proceeds to MMS upon completion of the courses.
    • To retain certification, you must maintain membership in the Mental Management Coaches site.  The fee for this membership is $100 per month.
    • You are expected to do a professional job of training and must meet the high standards of performance required by Mental Management Systems LLC (MMS).